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Elevate entrepreneurs to superpreneurs

FABRICE TESTA is a successful entrepreneur, angel and mentor who has helped 100+ companies to excel in their field and achieve extraordinary results.

Fabrice is a natural and inspiring leader who is appreciated for his outstanding capabilities and mindset. He provides concrete actionable support, either by doing or by inspiring, to entrepreneurs so they can materialize their dreams.


Fabrice is interested in leveraging people, developing businesses, training, mentoring and coaching.

Inspire a better future

FABRICE TESTA is an international speaker who inspires the audience to build a better future.  He delivers passionate keynotes, and he moderates efficiently panels about the age of exponential acceleration, the innovation trends and transitions, the success factors and pitfalls of angel investing and many more topics.


Materializing Your Breakthrough Potential


Solve the world’s biggest problems

FABRICE TESTA partners with superpreneurs to have an impact on our daily lives and contribute to creating a world of abundance for future generations.  His Superpreneur Blueprint framework is a set of cutting-edge strategies and tactics to materialize crazy ideas and build breakthrough ventures to solve the world’s biggest problems.


Fabrice is very professional and committed to a quality outcome

Payton H.

Fabrice is a brilliant mind, logical thinker and just extraordinaire! Any team coached by Fabrice will excel!

Rebecca J.

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the support and assistance provided to us during the mentoring. I really appreciated your very concrete way of working and helping us. It was a determining factor for success. Again, a big thank you.

Julie G.

Thank you, Fabrice, for all the mentoring sessions that you gave us. It is just an amazing ability to be able to ask the right questions. You have that ability. I really enjoyed working with you and I hope that we will be able to do business once

again in the future!

Joe B.

I would love to work with Fabrice in the future

Iris M.

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