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FABRICE TESTA is an international speaker who inspires the audience to build a better future.  He delivers passionate keynotes about Super-Entrepreneurship, the Age of Exponential Acceleration, and on the coming innovation trends and transitions.


FABRICE helps answer questions like, “How will current and future trends affect you, your employees, your customers and your partners? What should you be doing today to plan for—and excel in—this future world? What skills should you build now to prepare for the changes to come? How can you shape a better future? How can you materialize your wildest dreams? How can you turn crazy ideas into world-changing ventures? Some of Fabrice’s previous keynotes, webinars and panels:

Invest in your


Make a Difference Today 

If you focus your efforts on the 20% of things that produce 80% of your results your productivity will be

16 times greater

(4X more time, 4X more results).

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