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In 2005, he transitioned to the cinema industry, where he played a pivotal role in a massive project to digitalize European cinemas. The company he was involved in raised nearly 150 million euros in outside investment and achieved more than 100 million euros in revenues.

In 2012, FABRICE TESTA launched a satellite service business in Luxembourg.


Embarking on his professional career in 1991, FABRICE TESTA 

started as an engineer managing large projects for the space and astronomy industries.


Soon thereafter, fascinated by and keen to capitalize on the booming field of multimedia, he started his own business, which became the first company to install interactive touchscreen kiosks in the children’s playgrounds of McDonald’s restaurants.  Fabrice also installed those same interactive touchscreen kiosks in hospitals for sick and disabled children.

Be the entrepreneur of your life

After the company was acquired in 2015, he launched his service company to support entrepreneurs with angel investment, mentoring, coaching, board advisory, …


In 2018, he became one of the cofounders of Maana Electric, where he also acts as CFO.


As of today, FABRICE TESTA is involved in several ventures in his capacity as shareholder, board director or board advisor.

Make your to-do or wish list of

25 things, take the 20% - 5 things,

take the next 20% - 1 thing. 

Focus only on that

one thing.


ATMOS designs and manufactures return capsules, opening up the highly anticipated market for ‘microgravity on demand’ for a fraction of current market prices

Maana Electric uses its proprietary In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) technologies developed for the space industry to revolutionize the way in which solar panels are produced, on Earth and in space.

By enabling a better understanding of the universe and of our planet, AMOS' technologies make those promises more accessible. Their products and services contribute to the progress of humanity by increasing our knowledge, by creating a safer world, and by making human activities more efficient and more friendly to the environment.

ConstelIR is a breakthrough company aiming at monitoring the temperature of our planet with high-spatial resolution and daily coverage.

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